From The Hammock - ArboretumFestival (Ep. 1)

Wherein our junior correspondent Sacha KW and videographer Max Caspi-Roy, hang loose with Arboretum's artists. In this debut episode: Chad Vangaalen, Constantine's Bry Webb, Pony Girl, and Weaves at Arboretum Festival 2014.

Sacha KW is a 16 year old music writer living in Ottawa. He likes jean jackets and warehouse make-outs. He may not break your heart, but he may run away with it. His work has been featured in Pancake, Small Talk, Herd Mag and Weird Canada. 

Max Caspi-Roy is a fifteen-year-old high school student who does some photography on the side. This was Max’s second year volunteering with Arboretum, and his first year as videographer. Max has also helped out with SappyFest—and contributed photos to its commemorative book, SappyForever.



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