BON-FIRE and Arboretum is dedicated to providing inspiring atmosphere where groundbreaking music and regional food are celebrated. We want to foster a supportive a nonthreatening environment that is harassment-free and discrimination-free. We do not tolerate harmful or disrespectful behaviour or language. This includes any form of racism, misogyny, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and ableism. BON-FIRE reserves the right to  take action at our discretion against those take away from the safety and enjoyment of others at the festival at our events. If you experience or witness unsafe or harmful behaviour, you can reach out to security personnel, staff and volunteers, or go to the festival's safer spaces area for support. 


Project SoundCheck TM has a anonymous reporting tool that allows you to share your experience or give us feedback. The form, available HERE, can help survivors to safely voice their experiences or offer a platform for anonymous feedback and their experiences at the festival, at our events or in our community.