Go. Contemplate. Get out of your own head. 

Ottawa Art Gallery
2 Daly Ave.
(613) 233-8699

Founded in the 1980's, this is the city's premier, municipal gallery. An amazing exhibition space, expertly curated, highlighting some of the most progressive new local and national work, as well as vital historical works. A must visit.

Galerie SAW Gallery
67 Nicholas St.
(613) 236-6181

From its inception in 1973, the artist-run centre Galerie SAW Gallery has supported socially and politically engaged art, focusing on the performance and media arts. Its vernissages and parties are legendary.

La Petite Mort
306 Cumberland, Ottawa, ON K1N 7H9
(613) 860-1555

La Petite Mort (a French reference to the tense throes of orgasm) is a befitting name for a gallery with an appetite for the ecstatic. Definitely sexy and committed to indulgence, La Petite Mort is an eclectic ode to diversity. 

National Gallery of Canada
380 Sussex Drive
(613) 990-1985

But actually, one of the most inspiring spaces in the city. Definitely worth a loooooong visit. Some serious curation, and an exceptional contemporary art wing. 

Central Art Garage
66 Lebreton St N.
(613) 695-8859

Art gallery, art framing studio and event space in a reclaimed auto mechanics garage in the deep trenches of Ottawa's Chinatown. Did we mention it used to be a garage?

Cube Gallery
1285 Wellington St W.
(613) 728-1750


Located in the booming hood that is Hintonburg, Cube Gallery is west Ottawa's fav independent, contemporary gallery, boasting new group shows every month.